How To Use Our Self-Serve Car Wash

Self-service car washes take all of the hassle out of washing your car. Why buy a lot of expensive automotive or marine cleaning products when you can just use KaBling's for a fraction of the cost?

Cheaper, more effective and the safest way to clean your vehicle; KaBling's self-service car wash provides everything you need to clean your car, boat, trailer or bike. Just drive down to 61 Cook Street, Busselton and use our state-of-the-art equipment. We have you covered.

Key benefits to choosing KaBling Car Wash:

  • We provide the highest standard of Auto Wash and Self-Serve cleaning products and equipment for you to use.
  • Our systems use far less water than a home wash, meaning lower costs to you, and lower impact on the environment.
  • You are in control. When you're done, you can drive off with the satisfaction that your vehicle is cleaned to the highest professional standard.
  • KaBling offers the fastest self-service car wash system on the market, so even if you are in a hurry this will take up way less time than a home wash.

Self Service Wash Tips

  1. Don't skip any features. While you may be tempted to go for the bare minimum, the best results are always achieved through being thorough. From the pre-soap to the gloss wax, these systems are designed to give your vehicle the best clean possible.
  2. For heavy grime and dirt, don't rely solely on the high pressure hose. By choosing all of the features available, you get better results faster.
  3. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly before washing. This will prevent your paint from getting scratched by heavier dirt particles, and ensure the best overall results.
  4. Let gravity do the work! That means work from the top down. For the best possible clean, make multiple overlapping passes.
  5. Don't forget your tires and engine bay! Using our engine and tire cleaner will give your vehicle that fully detailed feel. Don't let the cleaner dry! Clean one area at a time and then thoroughly rinse it with the jet hose.
  6. If your mats are made of rubber or vinyl, remove them from your vehicle and clean them with the hose. Obviously not a good idea if they are made of carpet, so check first!
  7. Add that finishing touch with a spot-free rinse. This will remove any remaining minerals so that your vehicle is sparkling clean!